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comment choisir une friandise naturelle pour chien

Why choose natural treats for your dog?

Why choose natural treats for your dog?

More and more of us are favoring a natural diet free of additives and other chemical substances. And for good reason, the harmful effects of industrial food are no longer in doubt.

But if we know that eating well is important to stay healthy, why couldn't our doggies also benefit from food that is good for their health?

We were interested in dog treats. If these little treats are designed to please and reward our four-legged companions, it is better to choose them natural.

Dog treats, mistakes not to make:

Very often, owners think that certain foods are real treats for dogs. It starts with leftover meals which are often given with the idea of ​​pleasing the dog. However, this only unbalances the dog's diet , risking it to gain weight.

The same goes for chocolate which, remember, is harmful to dogs. Indeed, it contains theobromine which causes digestive, neurological, cardiac and respiratory disorders.

Not all dog treats are created equal:

If you decide to buy dog ​​treats in stores, specialized or not, you must remain vigilant because not all of them are appropriate. Some are high in sugar and fat but are also low in protein and other essential nutrients. And that's without counting the additives, preservatives and all the chemical substances harmful to the health of our doggies.

A simple look at the list of ingredients will be enough to tell if the treat is good or not for your dog. Keep in mind that a long ingredient list made up of fancy names is often a bad sign.

Natural treats for dogs:

There are many natural alternatives to industrial treats. Chewing ox ears, ox sinews or even deer antlers are excellent treats which, in addition to pleasing your dog, will help clean his teeth, thus limiting the appearance of dental plaque.

Dried meat or snacks are also treats that are good for your dog's health, provided of course that you choose them as natural as possible.

Some reminders regarding dog treats:

  • Choose treats based on your dog's breed, size and weight
  • Choose treats low in sugar and fat
  • Avoid treats, even light ones, if your dog is overweight
  • Give only one treat at a time
  • Vary the rewards (caresses, games or even walks)
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