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Multifunction harness: What are the advantages?

Multifunction harness: What are the advantages?

The anti-pull harness, the ideal accessory for dogs who pull

Whether your dog is small, medium or large, you may have already been confronted with the famous phenomenon of pulling on the leash. This reaction, which can be instinctive or simply because your dog is attracted to something, is really unpleasant. But this is not inevitable, here is a harness specially designed to prevent your dog from pulling on his leash.

I tried everything to stop my dog ​​from pulling!

Despite the fact that you have correctly accustomed your dog to walking alongside you, he is stronger than he pulls on the leash each time he walks to sniff what is happening further away. Worse, your dog literally drags you if he sees a cat or a bird! Before going any further, it is important to remember that a dog remains an animal with natural instincts to satisfy. When you walk him, it's the time for him to let his natural reflexes speak. He will smell all the odors that are within reach of his nose and seeing a passing cat is an opportunity to play. As you will have understood, shouting at your dog is not necessarily the best solution to make him stop pulling on his leash. It is therefore better to opt for a gentle and non-aggressive method as offered by this anti-traction harness. Thanks to its studied shape, your dog is naturally drawn towards you each time he pulls on his leash.

A perfect accessory for safe walks:

During daily walks you may have to control your dog, especially when he meets a fellow dog. The anti-pull harness is equipped with a handle that will allow you to control your dog in a single movement, even if your dog is massive. Another advantage of this anti-pull dog harness is that reflective strips are sewn throughout the harness. This way, your dog always remains visible when you walk him in the evening or very early in the morning. Additional security when we know the significant risks of accidents with vehicles.

A comfortable anti-pull harness for dogs:

Although this harness is practical, it is no less comfortable for your dog. It is lightweight, made from ultra-resistant nylon and padded with breathable fabric. In addition, the 4 straps are adjustable to adapt to the dog's morphology. The harness passes at chest level and not at neck level, which does not cause any discomfort for your dog.

Enjoy your walk with your dog!


  • J’ai reçu le harnais multifonction en temps record et Maya l’adore…facile a enfiler…bonne qualité et finitions…nous sommes ravies

    Francine on

  • Je viens de recevoir le harnais militaire en turquoise qui est magnifique et très fonctionnel.
    Sa couleur fait ressortir les yeux bleus de mon Berger Australien Bleu Merle.
    J’adore il est juste parfait.

    Nougat Sunshine on

  • Un harnais léger, peu encombrant mais efficace ! Le rouge est très beau, il va vite remplacer mon harnais Julius que mon chien n’a jamais aimé !

    Lea on

  • Mon staffy me tracter avec son ancien harnais du coup fini les balades pour lui et moi du a une hernie discale c devenue impossible et avec le harnais multifonctions miracle balade nickel agréable indigo et moi vs remercions infiniment

    Bentz sophie on

  • Un grand merci à Junih pour leur sérieux et rapidité d’envoi, article parfait qui convient parfaitement à mon loulou et que je recommande vivement:) et super les petites friandises qui font le plaisir des petites dents de mon bébé 😜

    Sylvie on

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