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gamelle anti-glouton pour chiens et chats

Why buy an anti-gluttonous bowl?

Why buy an anti-gluttonous bowl?

Anti-gluttonous bowl, for healthier meals!

Despite the good education that you have not failed to provide to your dog, your four-legged companion, at each meal, does not fail to literally throw himself on his bowl , before gobbling up his kibble in a few minutes or even seconds barely...

However, we know that a meal eaten too quickly can have various consequences on your pet's health : digestive problems, overconsumption of kibble, stomach twisting. What if you opted for the anti-gluttonous dog bowl? A bowl that takes care of your pet's health, and allows him to fully enjoy his meals!

anti-gluttonous dog bowl

Meals taken more slowly, when your dog savors instead of gobbling...

You are so used to seeing your dog gobble up his meal in two or three bites that you don't even know that he can behave well at the table (or at least in front of his bowl...)

Although we very much doubt that he will place his cloth napkin on his knees, we do know that the anti-gluttonous bowl allows your dog to finally enjoy his meals. Designed to prevent dogs from eating too quickly, this bowl will teach them to eat slowly and savor. Sitting in front of his anti-gluttonous bowl, your dog then begins to chew the kibble more slowly, he chews, it even looks like he is enjoying it...

On a daily basis, he finds pleasure in eating, he may well ask you for better quality kibble, and become a real gourmet dog!


  • Gamelle anti glouton achetée pour ma jeune labrador qui mange sa portion en à peu près 10 secondes… enfin je devrais dire mangeait car avec sa nouvelle gamelle ça va beaucoup mieux on a dépassé les une minute et ça change tout pour son petit Bidou !
    Très bon produit je recommande en plus la gamelle est très pratique car c’est du silicone donc ça se nettoie facilement et elle permet de bien étaler les croquettes sur toute la surface, pas uniquement là où il y a les pics en silicone.
    Très bon produit !

    Azzala on

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