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How to keep your dog busy during confinement?

How to keep your dog busy during confinement?

Covid-19 impacts everyone, even our dogs! During this period of confinement it is therefore important to keep your dog occupied. Whether with indoor games or natural treats , in this article you will discover the different ways to keep him occupied.

Here are 5 ideas to keep your dog busy

Unfortunately it is impossible to put our dog on pause, here are some tips to tire your dog out and prevent him from getting bored or attacking your property.

Search mat

Called a search mat or snuffle mat, it is excellent for developing mental activity . It is possible to get one in a store or make it yourself with a little motivation and time. Don't tell us you don't have time right now :)
You will have plenty to entertain you and your dog. Here is a little tutorial on how to make an excavation mat .

dog digging mat

Natural treats

Natural treats such as deer antler , buffalo horn or yak cheese will delight your dog. He will enjoy chewing his treat for hours, so they will be your perfect allies to keep him occupied . This chewing activity will be excellent for contributing, among other things, to the good oral health of your dog . You can also opt for small treats like pieces of chicken, beef nerves or dried fish. All these little rewards will be useful during a game, or after performing a good deed.

buffalo horn dog

Kong stuffed

You probably know the Kong but do you know the stuffed Kong? Simply stuff the Kong with peanut butter, various vegetables or any other varied recipes. With a little imagination, you can create the perfect recipe for your dog. Let a little food stick out of the Kong to attract it and not discourage it straight away, it will then take more pleasure in fetching the rest from the bottom of the Kong. To make the pleasure last even longer, you can leave the Kong in the freezer for an hour. Be careful if you add too many calories you will have to reduce your daily ration at the same time.

kong tote

Teaching your dog tricks

Teach him new tricks, it will be the ideal exercise to strengthen the bond with your dog and develop knowledge. Dogs love to discover new things and you will be surprised by their learning and concentration abilities. With patience, serenity, a few small rewards (treats, his favorite toy, etc.) and a lot of love!
Would you like an introduction to dog dancing? To find out what dog dancing is, go to the website of our partner Dance with your dog .

learn dog dancing

Scattered kibble or treats

And finally something simple but which will stimulate your dog's sense of smell . Instead of putting his kibble in his bowl as usual, scatter them in a room, on your balcony or in the garden if you are lucky enough to have one. Smell is the most developed sense among our dog friends, it is 40 times more developed than that of humans. The dog's olfactory membrane houses 200 million olfactory receptors compared to only 5 million for us. This is why it is important to work on your flair, this will bring mental enrichment.

develop dog flair

The advantages of these activities for dogs

Your dog needs to exercise mentally and this is the time to take advantage of it during this confinement. Their social and physical needs cannot be met during this current period. So take advantage of this moment to stimulate your dog’s neurons . Did you know that 15 minutes of good mental spending is the equivalent of an hour of physical activity for your dog?

  • Strengthen your bond
  • Develop your flair
  • Stimulate your natural instincts

Here are some other ideas to keep your dog busy

  • Search for objects or treats
  • Intelligence or thinking games
  • A game of hide-and-seek

What is not recommended to do?

Give industrial treats

If you love your dog like your own child, ban industrial treats full of sugar and other ingredients that are harmful to your dog. Go to the trash!

Spend too much time on him

If you normally work a lot and only see your dog a few hours a day, take advantage of this period to strengthen ties with him but don't ask too much of him and leave him alone from time to time (otherwise hello damage to the dog). back-to-work)

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