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comment mettre un harnais pour chien facilement

How to put on a dog harness easily?

How to put on a dog harness easily?

Putting on a dog harness allows you to walk your dog safely and with maximum comfort. It controls the pace without hurting or strangling your dog who pulls on the leash or decides to jump. Although there are different models (Y, H or T) depending on the body size of the animal or the work required, knowing how to put on an anti-pull harness is a real ordeal... Except when choosing the model of Junih harness.

dog with harness on a walk

Problems with putting a harness on a dog

There are several reasons why we should not put a harness on a dog .

You must first analyze the design of the device to understand which way to position it facing the dog.

Moreover, the latter is difficult to master, because it is asked to remain seated, to pass its head through a strap, then one front leg at a time in each link... In short, a tiring coordination game for the animal as well. for you.

And for good reason ! Often rigid and uncomfortable, the straps can injure your companion when passing sensitive places where the skin is thinner (such as under the armpits). Poorly adjusted or too tight, putting on a dog harness becomes an unpleasant and uncomfortable moment for your dog... When it should be synonymous with joy at the idea of ​​going out.

dog with harness happy

The Junih multifunction harness: dogs’ favorite model

As you will have understood, successfully attaching a harness to a dog can quickly turn into a nightmare.

This is why Junih Dog offers a harness that is easy to put on , clever and multifunctional.

First of all, no longer put on the harness from the bottom thanks to the adjustable clip straps. Simply place the back part on the dog (the one with a clip attached to part of the neck). Then attach the second clip at the neck and attach each of the loops around your dog's chest. The trick is played in 30 seconds max, timer in hand.

Junih harness attachment steps

More practical and robust, this system holds it perfectly.

Made of a light, padded fabric, the Junih harness provides maximum comfort for your pet.

Also equipped with two attachments, the harness adapts to activities:

  • A back attachment for leash walks.
  • An anti-pull clip on the chest to gently restrain the dog when he pulls.

Finally, for total control and safety during walks,

  • A grab handle allows you to keep it by your side in certain situations.
  • Reflective strips make it visible at night.

Want to reconcile your furry friend with walks? Choose Junih, the best harness for your dog .


  • J’ai pris un harnais pour mon berger allemand . Avec la laisse, il a beaucoup de force et tire. Avec ce harnais, je contrôle la force de mon chien par la poignée très pratique. Ce harnais est léger et le vert lui va tres bien. Pratique à mettre et mon chien l’apprécie. Très contente de mon achat.


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