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Hiking with your dog: the 5 essential accessories

Hiking with your dog: the 5 essential accessories

The hiking season is now open! What could be more pleasant than spending a day outdoors with the whole family? Who says whole family says Médor present! However, hiking with your dog cannot be improvised because he too needs equipment so that everyone can experience this walk without constraints and in complete serenity.

So I suggest you take a look at the 5 essential accessories for hiking with your dog so that everyone returns happy and spent from their day!


1) A suitable harness

The harness is the key element of the dog's physical well-being. It must allow him to remain free of his movements so that he can explore his environment without constraint. To hike with your dog, you need to choose the best harness . Those in H or Y are recommended because it provides optimal comfort necessary during long walks. H or Y harnesses do not block the joints and they respect the dog's morphology, a second skin effect guaranteed.

Ideally the harness is multifunctional , that is to say it has a handle on the animal's back and two rings for hanging the leash: on the chest and on the back. The handle provides effective security if immobilizing the dog is necessary, a common situation when hiking with your dog.

Attaching it to the chest is an effective tip to prevent the dog from pulling on the leash . In fact, when he starts to pull, the leash tightens and the dog is automatically gently redirected towards you. This forces him to slow down.

The attachment on the back can be used if the dog does not pull or if you practice cani cross for example.

The multifunction harness is an essential accessory for hiking with your dog because it provides support, comfort for your dog, and safety for you thanks to its handle and its anti-pull function.


2) The shock absorber leash

Hiking can sometimes be tricky and perilous. At these precise times it is best to keep Medor tied up to ensure his safety. However, keeping a dog on a leash facing the immensity of nature and its stimulating smells is not fun, especially when the dog is carrying its weight... Dogs are overexcited to discover or rediscover an environment and this generally brings its benefits. lot of inconveniences. A dog that pulls on a leash and must remain attached for part of the hike can quickly annoy its owner and cause the dog to build up pressure.

Fortunately for all of us happy dog ​​owners, the shock-absorbing leash helps give hiking a positive and joyful aspect! This durable and comfortable leash cushions the shocks that the dog may cause when pulling. This leash is adjustable from 122 to 50 centimeters so you can keep your dog by your side for training, when the situation requires it, or on the contrary, to give him freedom to explore.

The shock absorber leash is one of the 5 essential accessories for hiking with your dog. It is highly resistant and can also be used for cani cross or simply during your daily walks.

5-essential-accessories-for-hiking-with-your-dog-shock absorber leash

3) The foldable bowl

Whether you hike with your dog in summer or winter, there is one thing not to forget before leaving: water and a bowl for Médor! It is estimated that a 20 kilo dog drinks on average 1 liter of water per day , knowing that if he exerts himself physically, the quantity can double! And for good reason, know that your dog only sweats through his mouth and pads, it is better to bring a large quantity of water and not forget his bowl !

The foldable bowl is one of the 5 essential accessories to have when hiking with your dog. This silicone bowl is a lightweight companion for your hikes or sports walks. Thanks to its foldable function , this bowl fits easily into the backpack or attached to the belt thanks to its carabiner.

The foldable bowl contains 0.5 L or 1 L to hydrate both small and large dogs. For practicality, it is dishwasher safe without damaging it. Thanks to it, you can feed or hydrate your dog wherever and whenever you want! The foldable bowl is durable, practical and above all essential for hiking with your dog!


4) The LED necklace

It is an essential accessory to put on your dog if you bivouac after hiking , or if you walk after dark. In summer to enjoy the coolness or in winter because night falls at 5 p.m.... Your dog, like all happy dogs, is used to being free but it is not always very reassuring to no longer see Médor, especially when you are at the top of a steep peak or near a road.

Rest assured, with the LED necklace , no more worries! Your dog is now visible within a radius of 500 meters ! This collar provides the dog with visibility so that it can be seen by other people and motorists, but also provides security and peace of mind for dog owners worried about no longer seeing them.

With this LED necklace , no more hassle with batteries, it is rechargeable and has a good battery life of several hours. In addition, it is fully adjustable, so it is suitable for all ages and body shapes of our furry animals. It has several light modes so you can choose the one that makes Médor most visible.

Finally, if your dog was an otter in another life and swimming is his second nature, know that this LED collar is completely waterproof so there is no risk of it damaging him.


5) A natural treat

After the effort, comfort for all! When you take a snack break, take the opportunity to reward Médor for his listening, his obedience... or simply encourage him with a natural treat. It is not advisable to give a whole meal to a dog who is going to exert himself, but a treat is perfectly appropriate and will provide pleasure and distraction for your dog. Yak cheese, beef loins, pieces of chicken, duck fillets or even dried fish , to each their own!

Natural treats are rewards that can be given without feeling guilty because they contain no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

Here we have taken a look at the 5 essential accessories for hiking with your dog in order to spend a moment of complicity in complete serenity!
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