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TOP 6 gifts for dogs to give at Christmas

TOP 6 gifts for dogs to give at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you are looking for THE perfect gift to please your favorite fur ball? That’s good, we have prepared the top 6 gifts for dogs for you and your furry friend ! This year your adorable scoundrel will receive the coolest gift under the tree!

1. The personalized Christmas Box

What if you trusted us with your dog's Christmas present ? This is what we offer you in our personalized Christmas box ! Treats, toys, and everything you need for a wonderful Christmas . In addition, it adapts to its size and your wallet! This is the solution to making a splash!

Christmas box for dog

2. A puzzle game

Is your dog always asking you to learn new tricks ? Suggest that he rack his brains with an intelligence game . He will then have to arm himself with patience, agility and reflection to recover the precious treats. A perfect game for dogs who tend to get bored, and a great exercise for impatient ones .

3. A biothane collar

Your little one already has fabric collars and harnesses but you want to offer him something more quality? A cute biothane collar is a great gift that will fit your favorite furry like a glove. Light and durable , this necklace will accompany your companion on each of his escapades. Easy to clean, it retains its original shine for many years.

4. A super fun toy

After all, a gift is above all about having fun! For Christmas, invest in a durable toy or, on the contrary, please him and give him what he prefers!

Soft toys are adored by our faithful companions. More than just a stuffed toy, they consider them as cuddly toys that they can't help but destroy... Of course, it may not last long, but your dog will have a great time with it and will spend a moment rich in pleasure and intellectual stimulation!

5. A super practical multifunction harness

Ideal for dogs who hike with their owners but also for daily walks, the Junih multifunction harness is a clever mix of comfort and resistance . Fully adjustable, it has two fasteners : one on the back and the other at chest level. The latter is also very effective if your favorite face tends to pull on the leash...

6. A natural treat

After all, why would humans enjoy delicious food and not your furry friend? He too is entitled to his favorite natural treat on this special day. Duck fillet, deer antler, buffalo horn, or Everest cheese, nothing is too good for him!

cheese treat for dogs

This was our Top 6 gifts for dogs , because all our little hearts, with fur, feathers or scales, deserve a fabulous gift for Christmas! And if you don't have a huge budget for your little one, keep in mind that the love of their family fills them with happiness all year round!

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