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6 tours à apprendre a son chien

6 fun tricks to teach your dog

6 fun tricks to teach your dog

The basis of a fulfilling relationship between a master and his dog is of course, unlimited cuddle and kiss sessions, long walks whether it's sun, rain or snow, and also moments of intense reflection. A dog doesn't need much to be happy as long as he has the love and respect of his owner!

However, it is true that for a dog to be perfectly happy, he needs physical and mental expenditure ! The latter is very often underestimated because teachers are not always aware of its importance. It is true that from one individual to another, the need to think varies extremely and for certain large families such as shepherd dogs, it is essential to offer them regular thinking exercises .

Here are the 6 fun tricks to teach your dog!

1. Give the paw

It’s a great classic that is generally quite easy to teach your dog, the famous “give paw”. To teach your dog this simple and fun trick, start by making him sit. Also sit in front of him and lift his paw from below while asking him “give paw!” After a few times, place your hand with your palm open in front of him and continue to ask him to paw.

6 easy tricks to teach your dog

When he does it on his own, praise him generously with a natural treat , a caress or whatever you usually give him. Have him repeat it several times to make sure he understands!

2. Turn on itself

It's a fun trick to teach your dog and it always has a great effect. To teach your furry friend to turn around, provide yourself with a treat or a toy, you need something to which he is receptive.

Medor can be standing or sitting, it doesn't matter. Place the bait in front of him and rotate while asking him to turn. Generally for dogs who are greedy, it is very easy to teach them this little thinking exercise. Don't forget to reward him when he understands what he has to do!

3. Give your human a kiss

Here’s a simple and super cute little exercise: kisses on demand ! Teaching your furry this trick and getting yourself covered in licks is very easy!

6 simple tricks to teach your dog

Ask him to sit and squat down to his height. Most of the time, dogs are very affectionate and simply show their cheek or their mouth to get a lick and reward this behavior. If you use a clicker , now is the time to use it and validate its action.

If your dog is smaller or if this method does not work, you can also take advantage of Médor licking you (which happens regularly) even if it is not on the cheek, to reward him and then teach him this trick with more let's be precise.

4. Make it beautiful

For this exercise you need treats or a toy that your dog particularly likes. You then have to find a way to get your furry friend to stand up on his back legs . To do this, the best way is to offer him the bait you have chosen and then place it high up in front of him. Normally, your faithful companion will naturally stand on both legs to reach his treat.

easy to learn dog tricks

This trick is not always very easy to teach your dog. In fact, some people do not immediately understand what they have to do and it sometimes takes a little time for them to assimilate what is expected of them. Either way, it should be fun and positive . Be patient and if you see that your canine friend is no longer focused, stop the exercise for the moment.

5. Play dead

If the name is not very cheerful, rest assured, it is indeed a simple and very fun trick to teach your dog.

The ideal is that your furry friend is already familiar with “lying”. To start, ask Médor to lie down then try to teach him to lie on his side. To do this, take a treat and pass it in front of the muzzle then behind the ear which will be most opposite the ground when it is on its side. So, you go around half of your dog's head, which normally should be on its side to catch it. If you use the clicker, do not hesitate to use it when the canine is in the correct position.

When this is mastered, associate the gesture and the phrase you want, for example “Bang, you’re dead!” or “Play dead.” Continue baiting him with a treat until he is comfortable.

Finally, you can now start to stand up and enjoy your reward of a lovely collaboration full of complicity.

6. Rolling over

This easy-to-learn exercise always makes a strong impression on loved ones because it is a trick that is regularly found during Dog Dancing sessions.

To teach your dog to roll over, start by asking him to lie down. Next, place his favorite toy or treat in front of his nose and point it towards his shoulder. Your furry friend should normally follow the bait with his gaze. Continue to extend your movement so that your dog is rolling.

Reward him for his concentration and cooperation. When it's well understood, try to chain two together!

teach your dog easy tricks

Here are our 6 fun tricks to teach your dog ! Keep in mind that the important thing is to maintain or build relationships with your furry friend. Above all, make sure that it happens in the most positive way possible and that it remains a game!

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