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Lamb's Ear

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Give your dog an irresistible, healthy chew treat.

A healthy chew treat for your dog

Dogs love to chew and sometimes it’s your furniture or belongings that bear the brunt. So, to satisfy your dog's desire to chew while making him happy, opt for lamb's ears.

Lamb ears are specially designed for dogs of all ages and sizes.
They are both tender and crunchy which makes them perfect for dogs with fragile digestive systems.

Additionally, these treats are highly palatable. Suffice to say that your dog will have difficulty resisting it!

Dog teeth care

Ideal for taking care of your dog's oral health

If dogs chew it is not only to relieve a natural need or to occupy themselves but also to take care of their teeth and gums.

Lamb's ears will help fight against tartar buildup and take care of your four-legged companion's gums.

Not to mention that these lamb ears are 100% natural, without additives, colorings and preservatives.
Low in fat, these lamb ears are the perfect treats for your dog's well-being.


Benefits of lamb ears

  • Natural chew treats
  • Ideal for sensitive dogs
  • Light odor
  • Long shelf life
  • Suitable for all dogs