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About testing:

Each product will be tested and approved before marketing!

Depending on the opinions of the testers, the products will either be marketed as is if the opinions are positive, or modified or even canceled if the majority of the opinions prove negative. This makes it possible to market quality products that meet your real expectations.

Our advice to have more chances of being a tester:

- Already be a customer of Junih Dog Store
- Follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)
- Be active on our networks > Like, comment, or share our publications...
- Finally any other activity around the canine world attracts our attention => Ex: If you have a page dedicated to the canine world, if you participate in agility, canicross competitions.....

If none of the conditions are met, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed with your application...

If you are lucky enough to have been chosen as a tester:

- You will then be asked to share your opinion on a dedicated publication on our Facebook page and our Instagram account Junih Dog Store

The Junih Dog Store team