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Focus on the explosion of French Bulldog thefts

Focus on the explosion of French Bulldog thefts

In recent months, a new illegal practice has continued to sow terror in the United States: the theft of French Bulldogs. These dogs become the target of many criminals who do not hesitate to use violence to tear them away from their owner. So why are dogs increasingly popular with thieves and how can we prevent this? You will discover the moving story of Marieke Bayens and her dog Merlyn, but also information to prevent the same thing from happening to you! We tell you everything about the explosion of French Bulldog thefts.

Increasingly numerous and violent thefts of French Bulldogs

On Friday, November 26, 2021 in Oakland, Marieke walks her faithful companion, a 5-month-old French bulldog . They don't know it yet, but something tragic is going to happen in a few minutes.

While Merlyn was relieving himself, two masked and gloved men approached the 27-year-old American girl and her puppy. One of them stands in front of her, pointing his gun at her head , he orders her “ Give me the dog!” ”, while his accomplice seizes the young French Bulldog. In a state of shock, Marieke cannot respond. The man with the gun snatches the leash from his hands and they run back to their vehicle.

That was the last time Marieke saw Merlyn. The young dog has not been found to date. But this is not the only victim of the French Bulldog theft.

A Los Angeles resident was assaulted and then dragged to the ground by one of the two thugs' cars. The reason ? Her 8 year old French Bulldog, Luca. The man was urgently hospitalized and his life is no longer in danger, however his dog was stolen.

Why are French Bulldog thefts increasing?

Dogs adored by celebrities

French Bulldogs are victims of their success and this is partly explained by the celebrities who regularly appear in their company . Madonna, Leonardo Dicaprio, Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga, all post photos of their companions on social networks or parade them on the Red carpet.

The latter also experienced a big scare a few months ago. Indeed, Koji and Gustav, his two Frenchies , were kidnapped while they were walking with their pet-sitter. The criminals shot the man , injuring him in order to steal the two dogs. Lady Gaga found them a few hours later, in exchange for a $500,000 ransom.

Too much demand and rare litters

Female French Bulldogs typically give birth to 3 puppies , with 5 being totally unusual. This is quite little, but normal since they are small dogs.

The frequency of litters and the number of puppies, often less than 3, are no longer enough to meet all the demands of future owners. As a result, the price of a French Bulldog puppy varies between $3,500 and $5,000 !

A “practical” template to fly

The French Bulldog being a small to medium size, it is easy to fly. Usually, it is puppies who are the most targeted , because they are even smaller, not very shy and they sell for much more than an adult dog.

How to prevent French Bulldog thefts?

To combat French Bulldog thefts which are rampant in the United States, it is advisable to:

  • Chip your dog and make sure contact details are up to date .
  • Do not leave your dog outside and unsupervised .
  • Keep your identity documents in a safe and secure place.
  • Be wary of individuals with questionable behavior during outings, especially if there are several of them.
  • Equipping your dog with a GPS collar can be useful, however, it is likely that criminals will quickly take it away.
  • Avoid posting photos of your dog on social media.
French bulldog flights
If the thefts of French Bulldogs accompanied by violence are mainly located on the Californian coast of the United States, keep in mind that in France, 75,000 dogs are stolen each year. This market is one of the largest traffics in France. Small dogs are more affected , because they are easier to steal quickly, however, it is necessary to remain vigilant , regardless of where you live and the dog you own. Let's hope that these armed robberies stop and remain rare episodes.


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