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chien sur montagne qui surplombe le lac d'Annecy

TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy

TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy

Summer is here, and so are the holidays! If you are planning to visit Haute-Savoie with your dog , you cannot miss Annecy and its lake. In summer, many beaches are closed to dogs, which is why it is not easy to find dog swimming spots in Annecy where it is possible for Médor to cool off. Between lake and mountains, the city of Annecy offers a breathtaking panorama which continues to attract many visitors each year. If the lake has no shortage of beaches, not all of them are authorized for our furry ones. In this article, you will find the TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy , so you can share unforgettable moments with your dog in complete peace of mind.

5) Le Fier, river near Annecy

If you and your furry friend appreciate calmer, wilder places more, Le Fier is a place that will charm you. This river flows near the northern part of Lake Annecy. There are many small beaches where it is easy to be peaceful. The clear water and the greenery that accompanies it make Le Fier a place of peace and change of scenery that many Annecy residents appreciate. Le Fier therefore offers numerous possibilities for dog swimming both near Annecy and in the villages further inland.

canine bathing Annecy dog ​​in proud

Be vigilant all the same, because the Fier is a capricious river whose level continues to vary. In addition, the current, which is rather strong in places, harbors whirlpools from which it is difficult to escape. Don't encourage your dog to venture too far and keep an eye on him!

Le Fier is in last position in the TOP 5 dog swimming spots , because it does not allow you to dive into Lake Annecy. However, with its numerous beaches and its translucent water, the Fier has all the necessary qualities to have a good time and allow your dog to swim as much as they want !

4) The pontoons in Annecy-le-Vieux

Coming back from Le Pâquier, if you continue along the famous Albigny beach, you will see a stretch of pontoons appear. In addition to offering an idyllic setting, dogs are accepted here! So it's entirely possible that you and Médor will enjoy the water.

Top 5 dog swimming spots Annecy dog ​​on pontoon

The pontoons in Annecy-le-Vieux are ranked 4th in our TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy , because even if they offer a sublime panorama of the lake and the Semnoz which overlooks it, it is not easy to return in water. The pontoons being just above it, the level is not progressive. For those who are cold and dogs who need to be on their feet, it may not be easy to taste the clear water of Lake Annecy!

3) Small Doussard beach

This is not the municipal beach, but a small beach near the restaurant "Chez ma cousine" and the D1508. This charming beach in Doussard allows dogs and allows you to swim gradually while still being on your feet for a long time. Ideal for dogs, but also children, this beach is not supervised due to its small size. Its geographical location on the side of the road and the difficulty of parking justify this 3rd position in the TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy .

canine swimming Annecy beach Doussard dog in the water

We might not spend the day there, but we happily appreciate this little corner of grass which allows us to spend a moment of fresh air with our dog , with our feet in Lake Annecy !

2) Coves at Roc de Chère

The Roc de Chère is a popular place for hikers, because it offers a dense and shady forest with a magnificent panorama of Lake Annecy . If the beaches are not accessible on foot, it is possible to discover them thanks to the water activities which are authorized all year round for our dog friends. It's also a good way to discover Annecy with your dog in a different way.

Top 5 canine swimming spots Annecy Beagle on pedal boat

Médor and you can then enjoy the small stretches of rocky beaches, completing the impressive cliff. It’s a little secret corner of paradise that even many Annecy locals don’t know about!

Roc de Chère occupies 2nd place in this TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy , because even if its beaches are not easily accessible, they offer an atypical setting close to the Mediterranean, where it is possible for you and your dog to swim quietly .

1) The Glaisins park

This 2.4 kilometer shaded park is ideal for walking your dog in summer . Dogs are of course allowed provided they are kept on a leash . The Parc des Glaisins is located in Annecy le Vieux and it is easy to park there.

The major advantage of this park is that it has a river which runs along a good part of the forest route. Your dog can then cool off in water whose level goes from medium to very shallow. In any case, Médor will have something to soak his paws in throughout the ride.

We also greatly appreciate the rural environment which makes us forget that we are in the city: forest and meadow are the key words of this little corner of calm and greenery. The Glaisins park has all the qualities to be number 1 in our TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy , provided that your dog is not disturbed by being tied up during the entire walk. Don’t hesitate to come and discover it!

bulldog bathing

That’s it for this TOP 5 dog swimming spots in Annecy ! Note that in summer many beaches are closed to dogs, whereas in the off-peak season it is entirely possible to take them. In summer, it is better to favor "wild" and uncrowded beaches whether in Annecy or the surrounding area. Many rivers and small lakes are present during walks and hikes, this is the case of Lake Peyre.

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