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Top 10 chiens préférés des français en 2021

Top 10 favorite dogs of the French in 2021

Top 10 favorite dogs of the French in 2021

This year again, the Société centrale canine revealed which French people's favorite dogs are. Discover our Top 10 favorite French dogs in 2021 right away!

Top 10 favorite dogs of the French in 2021

1. The Australian Shepherd

Unbeatable since 2018, the Australian Shepherd still occupies first place in the hearts of the French! In 2021, 20,449 LOF registrations were recorded for this shepherd dog also called Australian Shepherd or Aussie. A dog that seduces as much by its original physique (especially if the coat is blue or red merle!), as by its sensitive and endearing character.

Don't be fooled by his charming look and his superb coat, the Australian Shepherd is intelligent and must be able to exert himself both physically and mentally to be in good shape!

2. The Golden Retriever

After years of absence, the Golden Retriever regains its place on the winning podium of the French's favorite dog breeds. It must be said that this adorable face is always in a good mood and up for various activities.

An excellent swimmer, the Golden Retriever also knows how to be gentle and peaceful in the company of children, the elderly or other animals. He is a dog with a completely exceptional character , a real cream who needs affection to flourish within his family.

3. The Belgian Shepherd

The one who occupied first place on this podium for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) continues to seduce the French. In fact, the Belgian Shepherd has alternated between second and third position for 10 years! This is explained because this dog with a lively temperament and the face of an angel is extremely charismatic. His loyalty to his master is exceptional, which makes him a dog suitable for both work and more fun activities!

4. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Better known as the Staffie , the Staffordshire bull terrier is a medium-sized dog which does not exceed 17 kg for the strongest males. However, don't be fooled by its size, it's a little ball of energy full of muscles! Particularly vigorous and playful , the Staffie is a pot of glue who would like to spend his days exercising alongside his master.

5. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has long remained the favorite dog of the French , however, in 2021 he is content with 5th place. An obedience dog par excellence, this furry dog ​​is also unfailingly devoted to his master.

Very protective, the German Shepherd is appreciated for its watchdog qualities which make it a real sound alarm, dissuasive to prevent any malicious intrusions. He is also a very good family dog, loving with children and who knows how to be calm when necessary.

6. The Labrador

A robust black, chocolate or cream silhouette and a slightly clumsy look, it is the Labrador which occupies 6th place in our Top 10 of the French's favorite dogs in 2021 . Highly appreciated as a guide or assistance dog, the Labrador is particularly gentle and affectionate.

Confident and sociable by nature, he is a furry animal who gets along quite well with other animals, who adores children and even strangers! The Labrador is also very greedy, so be careful not to give him too many natural treats !

7. The American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is also called more simply: Staff or Amstaff. It closely resembles its cousin the Staffie but it is more leggy and less stocky. The Staff is an imposing dog. Indeed, his short hair highlights his bulging muscles, witness to his power.

If this furry dog ​​has long suffered a reputation as a "nasty dog", he is today very appreciated by the French who love his intelligence and his absolute loyalty to his master. A little stubborn, the Staff sometimes does as he pleases, but remains a very affectionate dog.

8. Cavalier King Charles

The Cavalier King Charles , an elegant and particularly easy-going dog! This little face knows how to adapt perfectly to the life of his masters : in the city, in the countryside, sportsmen or rather homebodies, the Cavalier King Charles is not difficult! He knows how to be calm indoors and he is very attentive to his owners. Besides, he doesn't tolerate solitude well, which makes him a real sticky mess!

9. The English Setter

Fine and slender silhouette, a speckled or two-tone coat, no doubt, it is indeed the English Setter ! He is an extremely active dog who has a certain grace when running.

Selected for its hunting skills , its scent is formidable and this can even push it to move away from its master while out walking, as if hypnotized by the trail it follows. The English Setter is a very affectionate dog and devoted to its master. He loves water and is always enthusiastic when it's time to exercise!

10. The Beagle

The Beagle closes this Top 10 of French people's favorite dogs in 2021 . Medium in size, the Beagle has a really developed sense of smell which pushes him to run away from a very young age. He is also a little stubborn and cannot tolerate too firm an upbringing. However, the Beagle is a very energetic dog who loves to accompany his owners on hikes and runs. The Beagle is also a very gentle and affectionate dog who easily knows how to be forgiven for his walks alone!

Top 10 favorite dogs of the French in 2021

That's it for our Top 10 of French people's favorite dogs in 2021 ! Not much change to report, the Australian Shepherd still occupies, since 2018, the first place in the ranking! Breed or not, a dog should not be chosen solely for its advantageous physique , but for its character. Plus, no matter what they look like, they all deserve to be loved unconditionally!

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